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Excellent 2014 Convention

Saint Paul, MN – The SD 65 Republicans had a busy, well-attended (and, dare we say, interesting?) BPOU convention. Uncharacteristically for a non-Presidential year, there was a full house (despite earlier concerns about achieving a quorum) of delegates and visitors.

Mike McFadden, candidate for US Senate

Mike McFadden, candidate for US Senate

Lined up to speak were gubernatorial candidates Jeff Johnson, Dave Thompson, and Pam Myhra speaking for the Siefert campaign.

Candidates seeking to take the Senate seat from Al Franken were Mike McFadden, Julianne Ortman, and Jim Abeler.

Also at the convention seeking statewide seats were Randy Gilbert, looking to be elected State Auditor, and John Howe who is seeking election as Secretary of State.

Tony Athen, candidate for HD65B

Tony Athen (right), candidate for HD65B stands near Dave Thompson while the convention gets under way.

The convention endorsed Tony Athen, a former policeman, to run for the House seat in district 65B against Mariani.

The last item of business was to elect the delegates to the CD4 and State conventions.

Finally, and perhaps significantly, among the visitors were a DFL monitor, which is unusual for a small convention like ours.

It was also unusual because he didn’t bring a camera, so we were left wondering why he bothered to come at all. Maybe he was just there to hear our candidates speak. We are making unexpected inroads into Saint Paul after all.

Update: an earlier version of this post mis-characterized Tony Athen’s background, which is now corrected. See his comment below.

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  1. I noticed an error in reference to my status. I am not a veteran, I was a civilian contractor working with US Department of State and US Department of Defense. I do not want that work to be confused with the service of members of our military forces. Thank you again to all who attended. Let’s make 2014 the start of getting more Republicans and Conservatives into offices so we can start making the changes we would like to see.

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