Our Constitution



Section 1 – NAME – The name of this organization: Senate District 65 – Republican Party
of Minnesota (SD65 – RPM)
Section 2 – OBJECT – The objective of this organization shall be to promote Republican
philosophy and to elect Republican endorsed candidates within SD 65.
Section 3 – TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION – The jurisdiction of the Organization
shall be limited to the geographical area situated within the boundaries of the Senate
District as determined by Minnesota Statute or Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling.


Section 1 – MEMBERSHIP – The membership of this organization shall be composed of
all residents of Senate District 65, State of Minnesota, who desire to support the objects
of this organization.
Section 2 – DUTIES – It shall be the duty of the Organization:
A. To organize or cause to be organized SD 65 and each precinct within the
B. To administer the affairs of the party within SD 65 and to execute its programs.
C. To coordinate campaigns of Republican endorsed legislative candidates, and
candidates for other public offices (City Council, School board, et.al.) elected
exclusively by residents within the District.
D. To assist in the election of all other Republican endorsed candidates for public
office whose constituency include residents of the District.


Section 1 – The management of the general affairs of this organization shall be vested in
the SD 65 – RPM Committee, hereinafter called the “Full Committee”.
Section 2 – MEMBERSHIP – The Full Committee includes:
A. The Senate District Executive Committee members (hereinafter called the
Executive Committee).
B. All duly elected Precinct Officers. Any National, State or Congressional
District Republican Party officer residing within SD 65.
C. Any official elected as a Republican, or if holding a non-partisan office, then
officially endorsed by the Republican Party of Minnesota, residing within SD 65.
D. The immediate past Executive Committee Chair(s), for a period equal to one
term, i.e., two (2) years.
E. A maximum of four (4) appointees of the Executive Committee Chair who,
with the consent of the Full Committee, are serving as chair(s) of such standing or
special committees as may be deemed necessary.
F. Any additional persons the Full Committee votes to allow serving by a majority
vote of the members present, and not less than 20% of the membership of the Full
Committee, to serve for one specified meeting.
Section 3 – MEETINGS
A. The Full Committee shall hold 1 to 10 meetings per year. Each member shall
be given not less than five (5) days written notice in advance of regular meetings.
B. The Full Committee may hold special meetings at any time on three (3) days
notice to all members on the call of the Chair or 20% of the members of the Full
Section 4 – REMOVALS – The Full Committee, upon recommendation of the Executive
Committee, may remove any member. Such action may be taken only after the affected
member has first been furnished with a written statement of the cause of removal, at least
ten (10) days prior to such time as the Committee shall consider the matter. No member
shall be removed except by a two-thirds vote of the Full Committee members present
at the meeting at which such action shall be taken. Notice of proposed removal shall be
included in the meeting notice.
Section 5 – QUORUM – A quorum shall consist of 20% of the Full Committee members.
If less than a quorum is present, the meeting shall not be convened. If a quorum is
present and ceases to exist once a meeting has started, business still may be transacted as
if a quorum still existed until the meeting is adjourned by the Chair.


Section 1 – OFFICERS – The officers of the Full Committee shall be the Chair, Deputy
Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, elected from SD65 . Two (2) Vice-Chairs elected from HD
65A and two (2) Vice Chairs elected from HD 65B .
A. The Chair shall serve as chair of the Full Committee and Executive
Committee, and shall preside over its meetings, and shall perform such duties as
are prescribed by or pursuant to the By-Laws, and such other duties as are usually
incident to the office. In the event of the death, disability, resignation or removal
of Chair, the Deputy Chair shall assume his/her duties until the Full Committee
may elect a replacement.
B. The Deputy Chair shall assist the Chair in their responsibilities and duties and
shall carry out the duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Chair, Executive
Committee and Full Committee.
C. The Vice-Chairs shall administer the party programs in their respective House
Districts. In addition to the usual duties of their respective offices, the Vice-Chairs
shall have such specific duties as may from time to time be designated by the
D. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of meetings of the Full Committee
and the Executive Committee, the record of attendance of its members and give
notice to the members of all regular and special meetings. The Secretary shall also
maintain permanent records of all transactions of the Senate District, and perform
such other duties as are usually incident to the office.
E. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of SD 65 – RPM, provide
an annual report and such other reports as requested by the Full Committee and
Executive Committee, make proper filings as required by law, and perform such
other duties as are usually incident to the office.
Section 2 – ELECTION – The officers shall be elected at a Senate District convention
held in odd numbered years. No elected officers shall serve more than four full
consecutive terms in any particular office, unless no qualified candidate can be found.
Section 3 – VACANCIES – When a vacancy occurs as a result of failure to elect,
removal, resignation, death, or change of residence to outside SD 65 in any Officer
position, the remainder of the term for that position may be filled by the Full Committee
at the next regular meeting, or at a special meeting called for that purpose. A Vice-Chair
vacancy shall be filled by a person from the same House District in which the vacancy
occurred. Full committee meetings at which vacancies are to be voted upon require at
least ten (10) day’s written notice to all members. If a vacancy of position of treasurer
exists, the executive committee shall immediately appoint a interim treasurer and all
expenditures shall require the dual signatures of the interim treasurer and the SD 65-
RPM Chair. Both signatures may not be the same.


Section 1 – MEMBERSHIP – Membership of the Executive Committee shall be:
A. The officers elected according to Article IV.
B. The Finance Director – appointed by the Chair, with the advice and consent of
the Full Committee.
C. The Computer Director – appointed by the Chair, with the advice and consent
of the Full Committee.
D. The Programs Director – appointed by the Chair, with the advice and consent
of the Full Committee. The Programs Director shall be responsible for programs
such as Poll Challenger training and recruitment, Election Judge recruitment,and
Voter ID/GOTV volunteer training and recruitment.
E. The Outreach Director – appointed by the Chair, with the advice and consent
of the Full Committee. The Outreach Director shall be responsible for creating
and maintaining contact with ethnic, faith based, ideological ,and any other
groups and organizations, which may be beneficial for the Republican Party and
it’s endorsed candidates.
F. The 4th Congressional District.-RPM Representative – if appointed by the
Executive Committee.
G. The immediate past Senate District 65 – RPM Chair(s) – for a period of one
Section 2 – 4th Congressional District Representative – The Executive Committee
may appoint a representative residing in the 4th Congressional District, to the 4th
Congressional District – RPM Committee if no Senate District 65 Officer, HD65A or
HD65B Vice Chair resides within the 4th Congressional District.
Section 3 – POWERS AND DUTIES – The Executive Committee shall:
A. Have charge of the administration of the Senate District Party affairs, subject
to the direction and control of the Senate District’s convention and the Full
B. Fill vacancies in the following manner: if a vacancy occurs, the remaining
officers shall meet within 30 days from the time of the vacancy and select a
replacement, subject to ratification of the Full Committee.
C. Maintain contact and consult with the precinct officers.
D. Administer the financial affairs of the district.
E. Following endorsement, if given, coordinate and assist in the campaigns for the
election of these candidates. Similar assistance may be given following a Primary
Election to a non-endorsed candidate.
F. Establish committees, as it deems necessary to accomplish the objectives of
this organization.
Section 4 – MEETINGS
A. The Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly at regular intervals. Members
shall receive at least five (5) days notice of the meetings.
B. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Chair. A meeting
shall be called promptly upon written request of any three (3) members. Members shall
receive at least three (3) days notice of the special meeting, stating the purpose of the
meeting. The three (3) day notice may be waived if agreed to by all the members.
Section 5 – QUORUM – At meetings of the Executive Committee, a quorum shall be 1/3
of its membership. If less than a quorum is present, the meeting shall not be convened .If
a quorum is present and ceases to exist once a meeting has started, business still may be
transacted as if a quorum still existed until the meeting is adjourned by the Chair.


Section 1 – ELECTION OF PRECINCT OFFICERS – There shall be a minimum of
(1) one officer and such other officers as the Precinct may prescribe, who shall be elected
at a Precinct Caucus held in even numbered years.
Section 2 – DUTIES OF PRECINCT OFFICERS – It shall be the responsibility of the
precinct officer to perfect the organization of the Precinct which shall include:
A. Attend Senate District 65 Full Committee Meetings.
B. Attend Senate District 65 Conventions and is in charge of the Precinct
C. Assist in Senate District 65 finance drives.
D. Assist endorsed Republican Candidates,
E. Assist in “Get out the Republican Vote” efforts,
F. Accomplish such other tasks as may be assigned to them by the Executive
Section 3 – VACANCIES -The Executive Committee shall fill precinct vacancies by


A. SENATE DISTRICT CONVENTIONS: shall be held annually at the call of
the Executive Committee. The time and place thereof shall be determined by the
Executive Committee.
B. DELEGATES: Senate District conventions shall be composed of delegates
elected by the members of the party in the respective Precinct Caucuses according
to the Statutes of the State of Minnesota, and the direction of the State, or Senate
District organizations as provided for in the Constitution of the Republican Party
of Minnesota. The basis of delegate apportionment shall be uniform throughout
the Senate District and shall be based on the vote cast for the Republican
candidate for Governor in the last preceding statewide general election; or if such
election were a presidential election, the vote cast for the Republican candidate
for President.
be elected at the Precinct Caucus to serve and vote in case of the absence or
incapacity of a delegate. Representation for each Precinct shall be limited to
elected delegates and alternates from the Precinct. Alternates will be elected in a
specific priority order and will fill vacancies in that order.
not sub-caucus separately by House Legislative Districts 65A and 65B (hereafter HD
65A and 65B) in which they reside for the purpose of electing delegates and alternates to
the Congressional District and State Conventions and State Central Committee.
DELEGATES – State and Congressional District Convention delegates shall be
elected at the Senate District Convention in even numbered years. Up to twice as
many alternates as the number of delegates allotted may be elected. Alternates
will be elected in a specific priority order and will fill vacancies in that order.
B. STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE: The SD 65 shall elect delegates and
alternates to the State Central Committee in odd numbered years. Up to three
times as many alternates as the number of delegates allotted may be elected.
Alternates will be elected in a specific priority order and will fill vacancies in that
Section 4 – ENDORSEMENT CONVENTIONS – Candidates for legislative and any
other public office whose constituency is within the Senate District shall be endorsed at
conventions called for that purpose.
A. Dates of conventions – When Endorsing Conventions are called they shall
be held upon ten (10) days written notice to the delegates, not later than two (2)
weeks before a Primary Election and not earlier than the Precinct Caucuses in the
year in which the election for such office takes place.
B Delegates to Endorsing Conventions – shall be the delegates to the Senate
Convention elected at the caucuses of the precincts located within the area of
which the convention is called.
C. Call for Conventions – shall comply with the requirements set forth in the
Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution.
D. Any candidate for public office may be granted pre-primary endorsement
by such convention if he receives sixty (60) percent of the valid votes cast . A
valid vote for endorsement shall be only those names nominated to the convention
or a vote for “no endorsement. A blank or any other ballot shall not be counted in
determining the 60 (sixty) percent threshold. When more than one such candidate
is nominated, none shall be voted upon separately. Voting shall be by secret ballot
except when only one candidate is nominated., where a 2/3 majority voice vote
shall be in order.
E. Members of the Full Committee and endorsed candidates – shall not
encourage, or participate in, any action opposing the Party’s endorsed candidates.
Any violations shall be cause for removal from the Full Committee; and in the
case of candidates, grounds for rescinding their endorsement.
Section 5 – PRE-CONVENTION COMMITTEES – Prior to each Convention, the
Senate District Chair shall appoint a Rules, Arrangements, Credentials, Search, and such
other committees as may be deemed necessary, from the delegates or alternates to that


Section 1 – Appointment – Following their election in odd numbered years, the Senate
District Chair, with the advice and consent of the Full Committee, shall appoint five
(5) members to a standing Constitution Committee. Its function shall be to maintain a
continual review of these provisions and to recommend to the Senate District Convention
such changes herein as may be considered advisable. Its members shall serve at the
pleasure of the appointing officer.
Section 2 Amendments – This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the
delegates present at any Senate District Convention.


Section 1 – Bylaws – The Full Committee may adopt bylaws consistent with the
constitution of SD 65 – RPM. The bylaws may formalize duties of members of the Full
Committee, establish procedures for carrying on the programs of the Republican Party,
and address other matters, as the Full Committee deems appropriate.


Section 1 – General Provisions – The SD 65 – RPM party organization is affiliated with
THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF MINNESOTA and its activities shall be consistent
with the objectives, platforms and principles of the official state organization. The
provisions of the Constitution of THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF MINNESOTA shall
govern if any part of this constitution is not consistent therewith. All provisions of this
constitution shall become effective as of March 31, 2012